Where Do You Download mp3s Now?
allofmp3 Alternative
P2P Alternative to allofmp3.com
  • 28,000 Artists, 106,000 Albums
  • Albums $1.50, Individual Tracks 15c
  • Fast Downloads
  • Free Registration
  • Secure Visa / Mastercard Payment
  • $50 Free Credit Available
  • 10,000,000 mp3 Files
  • Unlimited Free Downloads
  • One Off Joining Fee, Then Free Forever
  • Fast Downloads
  • No Adware or Spyware
  • Music Videos & Movies Available
Direct Replacement for allofmp3.com
It's now been a few months since allofmp3.com finally shut down, and there has been a rush of
sites trying to fill the gap left for cheap, high quality mp3 downloads - most of these are just
plain bad & some disappeared within a few weeks of appearing (with their customers' cash).

There are two options to downloading cheap high quality music files - pay per download or file
sharing. Both have advantages and disadvantages - with pay per download you will find all
tracks from a particular album at the same quality at a nominal cost per track. With file sharing
can end up with tracks from the same album at differing quality (although this is becoming
less common), but the download is free.

Some prefer to use pay per download for full albums, and file sharing for particular tracks.
Others mix it differently - you pays your money (or not) and makes up your own mind......

After months of assessing the download sites out there, these are recommended as the best
two sites for either option:-
HotMP3Download has been around since well before the demise
of allofmp3.com. It offers access to a P2P network for a one off joining
fee. The joining fee covers technical support and also ensures the site
is adware and spyware free (very important with file sharing sites).
Once you are a member, all downloads are free and there are no limits
on downloading.
Don't let the strange name put you off. This music store has been
around since allofmp3 started to turn up it's toes. The feel and
navigation of the site is strangely similar, and it has an enormous
range of music (currently 106,000+ albums) to download at an average
of $1.50, ranging from old classics to bang up to date chart music.
Where are YOU downloading mp3s now?
Individual tracks can be downloaded for 15c, and listen to a 30 second free preview if you're not
sure whether it's the track you want. The sound quality is excellent, and the download speeds
Payment is via Visa or Mastercard, and there are bonuses for crediting your account from $20 (20
albums for $20 anyone? or how about $100 credit for $50 payment - bargain!). Tracks will work
with all mp3 players and are DRM free. Registration is free.

Verdict? - Low Cost High Quality Downloads & A Direct Replacement For Allofmp3

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Tracks work with all mp3 players and again are DRM free.

On registration there is an option (for an extra one off $15) to access unlimited movie, tv show &
music video downloads. Be aware of this if you don't need the movie option, as the site ticks the
box by default on sign up.

Verdict? - Unlimited Free Downloads & Excellent For Old, New & Obscure Music

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