Where Do You Download mp3s Now?
Allofmp3.com Is Gone - Where CanYou Download MP3s Now?
Confusion has reigned since the demise of allofmp3.com. To truly replace allofmp3, a site has to fulfil the
following criteria:-

  • Low cost, high quality mp3 downloads
  • All current releases available, as well as a substantial back catalogue
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast, error free downloads
  • DRM free music
  • Excellent support
  • Permanently available

Interestingly, there are two different ways to fulfil the above........

The first is the direct allofmp3 replacement, MP3Fiesta. It has been available constantly since the
demise of all of mp3, and offers a very similar feel to the legendary site. There are 100,000 albums available
from 25,000 artists, which should cover most tastes! Albums can be downloaded at $
0.50, or individual
tracks for a tenth of the price.
As with allofmp3, you credit your account (registration is free) in advance, and your balance reduces as you
buy music. If you credit at more than $30, a 10% bonus is applied (17 albums for $30!). The download
speeds are very fast, and the sound quality excellent. Music can be played on any mp3 player.

There are other russia based mp3 download sites out there, but MP3Fiesta is head and shoulders above
these by far.
The second option is different in principle to allofmp3, but it still delivers quality mp3s at low (zero?)

This option is P2P (PeerToPeer), where members of a network share files with other members. There are a
lot of networks out there - the free ones tend to rely on annoying adware to maintain their presence.

The best option is to go for a network that offers good technical support (in case of downloading problems)
and adware free access. One network that fulfils these requirements is HotMp3Download. It's membership
has swelled massively since allofmp3 was shut down,so there is a massive volume of mp3s on it. A small
membership fee is required, but then you are free to download music forever at no further cost. For a small
additional cost at registration, you can also download music videos and movies too!
There are many sites to download music from on the internet. If you apply the criteria at the top of this page
the options become much more limited. If high quality, low cost mp3 downloads are what you're looking for,
the two sites above will certainly not disappoint.