Where Do You Download mp3s Now?
All Of Mp3
All of mp3 was one of the most successful mp3 download sites on the internet. It thrived for a few
short years - offering cheap, high quality music downloads at a fraction of the cost of other 'legal'
download sites. It was questions of it's legality at the highest level (US Congress anyone?) that
finally brought about it's shutdown by the Russian Government in mid 2007, albeit for political
rather than legal reasons.
So where do you download mp3s now?

In the confusion that surrounded the ultimate closure of allofmp3, several russian based
download sites appeared (and disappeared) in an effort to lure away the site's substantial and
loyal customer base. These sites offered variations on the same theme of new chart releases
and a significant back catalogue covering all tastes in contemporary music. And all at a fraction of
the cost of the likes of iTunes etc. Additionally, the music offered could be played on any mp3
player (DRM free).

The only problem was that many of them were poorly designed, supported, and worse still the
quality of some of the music was poor.........

Of all of the 'new breed' of russian download sites (and remember - all of mp3 was found not
guilty by the courts of acting illegally), only one has remained reliable and true to the ethos of
Mp3Fiesta (cheesy name but bear with me) has established itself as a worthy successor. It
offers a massive range of downloadable music at high quality and low cost. All US and UK chart
albums are available, at an average cost of $2 per album. Registration is free and payment is
made securely using Visa or Electron.

Crediting your account with $30 or more gains an additional 10% credit - 17 full albums for $30

Critics will point out that the royalties paid back to the record companies are poor. However the
site is fully compliant with russian law in the payment of royalties (which are paid). Therefore,
anyone downloading music is complying with the law (in russia) and cannot be found guilty of
anything otherwise.
So what are you waiting for? Searching the internet to find a reliable download site or online
music store is a matter of trial and error. MP3Fiesta has established itself as a worthy successor
to all of mp3. If you're looking for high quality, low cost downloads then this is the site for you.