Where Do You Download mp3s Now?
Allofmp3 Alternative
Since the closure of allofmp3.com, music downloaders all over the world have been looking for a
bona fide allofmp3 alternative. Many sites appeared virtually overnight to capitalise on the tens of
thousands of music fans desperate to access cheap, high quality music downloads. Unfortunately
most of these were cr*p - some disappeared intentionally within weeks with their customers cash,
others turned their toes up purely because they were rubbish, and music download fans voted
with their feet.
So where do you download music now ?

Whether you're an ex member of allofmp3 or someone who wishes they had been, there are
basically three options available:-

1. Find a direct alternative to allofmp3.com and carry on as you were
2. Join a P2P network and download music for free
3. Pay top dollar at one of the big player download sites

Assuming high quality downloads at low cost are your thing, option 3 probably doesn't hold much

So what about the other options? There are two sites that have been performing consistently
since the demise of all of mp3, and stay true to the high quality, low cost criteria that are so
difficult to find.

MP3Fiesta (dubious name but excellent site) appeared around the same time as allofmp3.com
was going into decline. It has a
very similar layout and feel, and currently offers 122,000 full
albums from 25,000 artists, at $
0.50 per album. Individual tracks can be downloaded at 5c each.

The downloads are fast and the quality is excellent. Like allofmp3, you credit your account in
advance, and this is debited as you download. Minimum credit (through visa or electron) is $20,
but there are bonus credits available for credits over $30.

The site has been constantly available for the past four months (unlike others), and is to all
intents and purposes a direct replacement for allofmp3. If you were a member, or knew anyone
who was, this site is a perfect replacement and comes very highly recommended.

                 Click Here To Register & Start Downloading With MP3Fiesta
If the thought of downloading quality mp3s for free appeals to you, then option 2 could well be up
your street......

P2P (Peer to Peer) networks have been around for a long time. They had some bad press in the
early days, as some relied on adware to fund the running of their sites. This basically meant
annoying ads popping up whenever you wanted to download music. While some of these sites
still exist, they are only recommended if you are absolutely on a shoestring (and have good
anti-virus software installed) . Other networks exist that, for an initial joining fee, guarantee their
sites to be adware and spyware free, and offer technical support in the case of any problems.

HotMp3Download is the best out there - it's membership has swelled since allofmp3 turned up
it's toes (it currently has 100,000 mp3 files available to download). For a modest one off joining
fee, access is free for life and all downloads are free, with no limits on the number of tracks or
albums downloaded. For a small additional fee on joining, music videos and movies can also be
downloaded for free.
If you are looking for an allofmp3 alternative, there are hundreds of sites out there willing to take
your money. The two listed above are proven providers of low cost, high quality music files - don't
be tempted by anything else........