Where Do You Download mp3s Now?
Allofmp3 dot com
Allofmp3 dot com - for tens of thousands of music downloaders it was the epitome of high quality,
low cost downloads. Unfortunately, in mid 2007, it was shut down after a prolonged campaign by
the RIAA and US authorities. However by forcing the shutdown of the site, music fans should not
be forced into buying downloads from the big players at $0.90 per track! There are genuine
alternatives; read on to find out about the best and worst:-
So where do you download music now?

There are basically three options available to download mp3s from the web:-

  1) Use a low cost download site similar to allofmp3
  2) Use a P2P network to share files with other network members
  3) Use an 'official' download site (or buy the CD cheaper from your local supermarket)

(If you're reading this far, I'll assume 3) is not an option..........)
With option 1), there was a surge of russian based downloads sites operating around the time of
all of mp3's demise. Some of these are still around, some of them disappeared pretty quickly.
They all worked on a similar 'music store' principle - credit your account using your credit card,
and download music until your credit was used. The only reliable and consistent of these sites is
MP3Fiesta - it offers full, high quality albums for $2. Currently it has over 122,000 albums in it's
database, and the downloads are fast and trouble free. Registration is free, and your account
can be credited with as little as $20 to start (remember - that's 10 full album downloads)
Option 2) is fantastic for tracking down more obscure music, as well as the latest releases.
However it
can expose you to some of the more dodgy sides of the internet. In principle P2P
sounds ideal - sharing files over a network at no cost - however nobody does anything for free,
and some of the free P2P sites are awash with annoying adware and 'options' to pay for
enhanced service. The best option is to go for a managed network, such as that offered by
HotMp3Download. They charge a small joining fee, which goes to provide technical support and
ensures the network is adware free. Once a member, you can download unlimited mp3s forever
(they also offer a movie and music video download option on sign-up)
So what is holding you back? Since allofmp3 dot com turned up it's toes (R.I.P.), those looking
for a stable, reliable replacement have been flocking to the sites above. Don't waste your time
(and money!) looking anywhere else........